Castle of Deceit?

I own a CIB copy of Castle of Deceit I acquired for a small investment from a local fellow video game collector who had fallen on hard times. As I excitedly added the game to my shelf I began to wonder… why in the hell did I want this game? It is definitely one of the toughest NES games to find complete, but I don’t really collect CIB games. It can also be hard to track down loose or in pieces, but I don’t really gush over finding every manual and insert. Come to think of it, I have no real interest in collecting unlicensed NES games at all.

My favorite games to collect are the games I like to play. Games that send me back to my days as a mop topped kid who spent $72 on Super Mario Bros. 3 the day it came out. Games that I grew up with and provide a certain level of comfort.

Which brings me back to my original point, why the hell do I own this game? Castle of Deceit is an awful game. Bad graphics, bad story, laughable controls. I never even played this game until the start of December when I purchased it. I have no childhood memories… fond or otherwise of this, or come to think of it, any unlicensed game ( save for Captain Comic, which my mom would continually rent me from the local video store, mainly because I would think she didn’t really care for the caliber of game she picked up for me on her way home on Friday nights, and the title must have enticed her into thinking that I would like the game).

Still, when the oportunity to own this game came up, I jumped at the chance to snag it. Not so I could play it, but so it could sit on a shelf in my game room and mock my friends who don’t own one.

The more I think about it, the more I dislike this game. I think I’d trade it for a round button Famicom. Any takers?


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