Famicom Disk System Scanning Project Part 1

Click here to go to the new download page for these posters (and more). Updated March 2011.


I am a huge fan of Japanese graphic design. I am an even bigger fan of Japanese graphic design when it applies to retro video games. That being said, the inserts that came with the Famicom Disk System are a goldmine of late 80’s Japanese quirkiness. The instruction manual is a strange comic book that seems to indicate that your FDS Disks will sweat if they get to hot, and that Japanese children all have cat tails and can fly.


Having all this weird stuff and nobody to laugh at it with sucks, so on the advice of a member of FamicomWorld.com, today I started to create high quality digital versions to share with all my fellow Nintendo enthusiasts (nerds). The first two are below. More will follow in the days to come. All further scan updates will be placed under the category FDS Scans here on the blog.

Mr. Disk various games poster:
Download the PDF
Download the TIFF

Metroid poster:
Download the PDF
Download the TIFF

Take note that these files are high print quality PDFs or high resolution TIFFs and that they can be between 10 and 20 MB each. Stay tuned for more.


4 thoughts on “Famicom Disk System Scanning Project Part 1

  1. I’d like to get all of the famicom disk system poster scans and all the links are dead….If you could load them up and email me the links it would be greatly appreciated! Since they’re under 50MB the best place to host them is on mediafire.com….I’d be happy to host them via my mediafire account for future downloaders as I login to my account at least once a month to keep it open and current!

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