The Quest for Das Battleship

Encase you are ignorant, the fabled Battleship is a Model 1 Sega Genesis attached to both a SegaCD and a 32X. This ungodly set up can be the source of some of the finest retro gaming around (I.E.: the Phantasy Star series, the Lunar games, Snatcher, Knuckles Chaotix, After Burner). But this glorious marriage of gaming pleasure comes at a fairly hefty price.

I don’t mean price as in price tag, seen as I only paid about $60 to assemble my Battleship. Sure, some of the good SegaCD games can go for upwards of $100 beans on Ebay, but I’m not talking that kind of price either. I am talking the sheer complexity and amount of power this bitch takes to set up and run. I mean, look at the fucking picture, man. This thing should be filed under C for catastrophe at Sega HQ.

My quest for Das Battleship began years ago, when for I picked up a SegaCD with a Model 1 Genesis at a thrift shop on a whim. An impulse buy, really. It was only $30 and I remembered that a friend of mine had one when he was a kid. It came with all the hook ups and Sonic CD so I thought “What the hell!”. It was shortly after that that I became obsessed with finding a 32X. I don’t know if it was repressed memories from my childhood about how fucking cool the thing was and how fucking intense the idea of 32 bit graphics were, or if it was that fact that in my many travels through pawn shops and thrift stores I had never seen one in the wild. I don’t know what came over me, but I was possessed. I scoured garage sales and thrift stores and bought up every loose and boxed cart in the entire city, but I was still missing the crown that would adorn my Genesis’s head. I had the clerks at my local used game goldmine keep an eye on the incoming pawned goods. I searched Ebay daily, however I found it nearly impossible to find someone who would ship one to Canada, my home and native land. Finally after months of searching I got the good news. As I was browsing the NES games at my local goldmine one of the clerks came up to me and said those beautiful words to me… “Man, we have a 32X. I have it stashed in the back for you.” Awesome. Of coarse, I had to buy another Genesis, because they were sold as a set, but I didn’t care; Das Battleship was complete. So what does having completed my Battleship amount to, besides some great gaming? A lot of fucking Sega consoles, that’s what. I literally have a cabinet full of Sega crap and a milk crate full of assorted RF switched and adaptors.

Now the mammoth beast sits on my console shelf, terrifying all those who are too young or too ignorant to remember that days when it’s black matte sleaze and three adapter appetite made it the king of the consoles.


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