DVD Review: Retroware TV, Season 1

Released by: http://www.retrowaretv.com
Release Date: March 8th, 2008

Number of Discs: 3
Encoding: Region Free

Special Features: Season overview commentary, extra interviews (Walter Day, Todd Rogers), blooper reel plus more.

“Nerds rejoice…”
I work in a job where I am paid to be creative all day, and as such that allows a certain amount of “creative exploration”, or as it’s commonly referred to; slacking off. Periods in the day my coworker calls “independent research”, which is code for addictinggames.com and YouTube.

In my journeys through the vast chasm that is the internet I stumbled upon a post on a message board proclaiming a new internet retro video gaming show. Perfect! Something that combined two of favorite activities; staring at a computer screen and classic video games. I clicked my way over to retrowaretv.com and was blown away by not only the quality of the episodes, but the the content as well. I can safely say that that first episode made me (and pretty much everyone else who watched it) salivate over Snatcher, which eventually led directly to me finally picking up a copy of my very own.

Over the next few months I would check the site almost daily anticipating the next episode. From Contra to ChronoTrigger, new episodes never let me down. Hosts (and writers, produces, editors) John D. and Ito not only delved into some of the most beloved video game franchises, but also exposed a few underrated or forgotten games as well (I am looking at you, Ys).

Since those early days we have all watched RetroWareTV.com grow into a juggernaut of online classic gaming news and information and with the inclusion of other top quality online shows such as Video Game Take Out, The Happy Video Game Nerd, From Pixels to Plastic, and Destroy The Humanoid, it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The site has become not only a hub for some of the best independently created video game shows created, it is also a community with stuff such as a forum and an area where fans can submit there collection pics (you can find mine there under username i_heart_yuna).

“I thought we were taking about a DVD?”

I am getting to that. When I first found out that Lance and John where going to be releasing a DVD set of there first 6 episodes, I was pretty psyched. I was excited to have all the episodes of the show in a more comfortable format, because let’s face it; As much as I love the show, I stare at a computer screen for a living, and when I get home, after my daughter is asleep and have some time to kill, sometimes the only prescription is the couch. Having Retroware TV on DVD meant that I would be able to enjoy the show sans computer.

What I didn’t expect, however, was the quality and care that was put into this box set.

RetroWareTV’s initial six episodes span a whopping 3 discs, and the inclusion of the gag reel and the extra features such as the Walter Day Interview and the RetroUSB feature add bulk to an already bursting package. But my favorite, and what I feel is the most welcomed addition to the show is the season overview. Not a commentary in the traditional sense, rather more of an interview with creators and hosts John and Lance “Ito”, this feature offers insight into how RetroWareTV got started, how the episodes are produced, and how the topics and games were chosen for each episode. On top of that, episodes are enhanced for wide screen TVs and appear in full DVD quality (as opposed to streaming quality).

Put that all together and you have a DVD that no retro video game collector or enthusiast should be without. I highly suggest that you head over the RetroWareTV.com and order yourself a copy right now.

“What made your nerd collecting hairs stand up?”

Not only the fact that they released a limited edition version with a hand number and signed postcard included, but the fact that I got number 1. Hooray for prompt payment! Now the DVD sits in the Temple of Doom between my CIB Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti and my CIB Wonderswan Final Fantasy 2.

*Note: John and Ito were cool enough to provide me with a few pictures of the boxset, Thanks guys.


3 thoughts on “DVD Review: Retroware TV, Season 1

  1. cool review :)
    just two typos “Its shows…” and “have have some time to kill…”

    and i hate you for owning Snatcher :)

  2. […] me talk about Retroware TV before, because I have been a fan for a long time. I reviewed their season one DVD when it came out way back in 2008, and again with season 2 in 2009. They have frequently been a […]

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