In the Wild…

The goldmine.

I have been having a high success rate in the wild lately. I think it must have something to do with people spring cleaning or something.

I have found that, in my area anyway, the amount of stuff in used electronics stores and thrift shops seems to build to an apex around December and then get completely cleaned out by about January 5th. The months of January and February seem to have ups and downs as far as sheer quantity of stock, but I find that once you get into March and April, you start to notice a real influx of quality stuff.

I find this to be true not only of my local shops, but also of newspaper ads and internet classifieds (i.e. kijiji and craigs list).

For instance, after seeing nothing but over priced Wii bundles on Kijiji for months I scored am awesome find over the weekend;

Ys: The Vanished Omen, Golden Axe Warrior, Golden Axe, Shining Force, Panzer Dragoon, Sonic CD digipack, and Japan import Sega Saturn back up cart.

CIB NiGHTS into Dreams

The best part? Only $80 for all that from the same guy. I have not had a score like that in a while. Complete NiGHTS? That could fetch just about eighty bucks alone on Ebay.

Another amazing score I got this Saturday was at Value Village, which I was browsing to kill time while waiting to pick up a perscription:

CIB Alien Versus Predator, Sega Saturn Controller, and CIB N64 memory card.

A CIB Jaguar Alien Versus Predator!??! For 99 cents? In fact, everything pictured above came to a grand total of $5.16! Holy fucking shit.

All this in the past 4 days. And to top it off, tonight I am going to go pick up a six switch Atari 2600 and a bunch of games some guy is giving away for free. FREE!

All this, and garage sales season hasn’t even started yet.


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