Top Ten Best Rom Hacks, Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of the Ten Best Rom Hacks. Today we are moving further down the list with numbers 8 and 7. If you haven’t already, check out Part One of this feature.

The two roms on the list today are of a decidedly mature nature, so get your permission slips signed and while you’re at in, why don’t you sign up for email updates so you can be the first to know when Temple of Doom gets updated? Without further ado…

#8 – Pussy City Pimps

Platform: NES
Hack of: River City Ransom (NES)
Hack Type: Hilariousness Added
Hacked by: Jomb IU
More Info: ?

Wow. Just wow. Much like the original River City Ransom, you are on a quest to rid your town of thugs and save your girl. Except for the fact that in Pussy City Pimps you are burdened with the task of killing a a pimp who took control of all the city’s hookers, including your favorite lady of the night, Horny. Differences include the playable character’s limp dorks hanging out of the front of their pants and some pretty comical expressions of defeat from the enemies, including but not limited to; ‘piss’, ‘cock’, and ‘that made me blow my wad’. If you are a fan of the original (and who isn’t?) or if you have a place in your heart for an endless barrage of dick, tits, and fart jokes, than I would give this one a whirl.

Download Rom Here.

#7 – Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom

Platform: SNES
Hack of: Super Mario World (SNES)
Hack Type: Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque remake
Hacked by: Ghettoyouth
More Info:

When I was a kid I used to go to the 7-11 near my house and pump endless quarters into the Splatterhouse arcade in the back of the store. Even though I had both a NES and a Sega Genesis, I always kind of resented the fact that Nintendo had no really “mature” (yeah, me being 11 at the time, I really knew what mature meant). Again with rom hacking, someone has gone back and righted the wrongs of the past. This game is what every kid in the early 90’s dreamed up. Hacked up body parts? bloody mists of depravity? Toads skewered on sharpened pikes. Man, if Nintendo had released this game themselves it would have been a million seller. Check it out, but be warned: it’s ultra violent, but in a way that is absolutely awesome.

Download Rom Patch Here.

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