Top Ten Best Rom Hacks, Part Four

We are nearing the end of my list of the ten best rom hacks. From here out, all the games are highly recommended and you will be less of a person if you do not play them. Seriously, though, play these games. Without further ado, here are numbers 4 and 3…

Make sure you check out numbers 10 + 9 , numbers 8 + 7 , and numbers 6 + 5 on the countdown so you know what the hell I am talking about.

#4 – Recca Pure

Platform: NES
Hack of: Recca Summer Carnival ’92
Hack Type: Extra Options
Hacked by: Sliver X
More Info:

Recca is probably the single greatest graphical achievement for the Nintendo Famicom. The game is a top down scrolling shooter, and it is fast. Much faster than anything else on the NES or Famicom. There are points in the game when the screen is completely filled with swerving enemies and total chaos, and amazingly enough the slow downs that plagued many of Nintendo’s 8-bit title are non-existent. This hack of Recca Summer Carnival ’92 unlocks several of the hidden option menus that are not available in the original rom (or if you’re lucky enough, the original Famicom cart or pirate). Options such as Time Attack, Score Attack, and a choice between Hard and Easy settings add a surprising amount of depth to this already fantastic game.

Download Rom Patch here.

#4 – Dragoon X Omega II

Platform: NES
Hack of: Final Fantasy
Hack Type: Completely New Game
Hacked by: Sliver X / Thaddeus
More Info:

Dragoon X Omega II is a completely new game built using the core elements from Final Fantasy for NES. Taking three and a half years to complete, the game has been hailed as the most extensive hack ever completed. The game is a dark and moody futuristic RPG, and the sequel to Sliver X’s previous hack Dragoon X Omega (which is itself an extensive hack of Dragon Warrior for NES). DXO2 is truly an amazing accomplishment considering that the game boasts all new graphics, music, and dialogue, as well as an dark, engaging story.

Download Rom Patch here.

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