Top Ten Best Rom Hacks, Part 5 of 5

We have finally arrived at the top of the list, the best of the best. Sorry for the delayed update, but Mario Kart Wii got ahold of me and wouldn’t let go the last two days. Excuses aside, I now present to best two rom hacks on the internet. They are…

#2 – I Wanna be the Guy

Platform: Stand alone .exe
Hack of: You name it
Hack Type: New Game
Hacked by: Mike O’Reilly
More Info:

What to say about this little gem? This game is a tongue in cheek platformer based on the 8-bit games of old. The game has bizarre level design and a crazy difficulty level, but I’ll be damned if you don’t feel like a million bucks if and when you manage to make it to the second screen of the game. The levels are packed with tons of hazards, almost all of which are impossible to avoid the first time through. The game has a medium difficulty level, which features more save points, but you are punished for choosing a lighter difficulty by having to play through the game with a pink bow added to the main sprites head. The levels are modeled after famous 8-bit games and bosses include Mike Tyson (from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out) and a giant Zangief (from Street Fighter 2). This game will definitely make you want to pull all of your hair out and kill the asshole who created it, but that is also the point of the game.

Download the .EXE file here.

#1 – Mario Adventure

Platform: NES
Hack of: Super Mario Bros. 3
Hack Type: New Game
Hacked by: DahrkDaiz
More Info:

This is the greatest Mario game that Nintendo never made. If the NES had lasted just two more years, I would like to think that a game of this caliber could’ve become Super Mario Bros. 4. Coded by one guy over a period of a year and a half, this game is simply amazing. The creator managed to create a new and entertaining Mario platformer that is actually innovative. It’s not just Mario 3 with different levels. This game features all new enemies, power ups, sprites, backgrounds, and implements the one feature that Super Mario Bros. 3 noticeably lacks: the ability to save your progress. This game is truly a feat considering that a fresh, innovative, and fun gaming experience was created that can truly live up to the status of a Mario game.

Download Rom Patch here.

That does it for the Top Ten Best Rom Hacks, but check back for the continuation of the Best Cyberpunk videogames as well as a feature highlighting an obscure but stellar RPG series for the SNES. Subscribe via Reader or Email to get notifications whenever the blog is updated.


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Best Rom Hacks, Part 5 of 5

  1. Mario Adventures is great! Tons of new levels/features plus its more challenging than Mario 3! Great list, thanks a lot :)

  2. Bah. Extra Mario Bros is where it’s at. imagine , if you will, a Metroidvania in the SMB1 engine.

  3. I think it lacks some Super Metroid hacks in this list. Such as Super Metroid Phazon, Super Metroid Eris or Super Metroid Cliffhanger (Easy Version). They’re great. They have tons of new sprites, enemy graphics swaped and an awesome exploration gameplay.

    It could have some amazing SMW hacks too, such as Super Demo World (from the maker of Lunar Magic, the SMW Editor), Brutal Mario (a unfinished japanese hack featuring New Bosses, Shoot’em Up Levels, MORE new bosses and awesome ASM scripting) or some of the VIP and Wall Mix compilation series (check it too, they’re awesome).

    I got happy to see that Amazing FF1 hack in the list, but I was “WTF” at those Mario&Sonic hacks. I was expecting some new and interesting hacks.

  4. I’ve been hooked on Marko Adventure for 2 weeks now. It’s much harder than normal Mario games but leveled out enouph so it’s still fun unlike Mario Forever/Frustration

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