A ColecoVision / Adam flash cart, available right now on

Sick of the getting gouged by the big wigs over at Ebay? Sick of the crippling fees and the facelessness that comes with dealing with a corporate machine? Luckily, someone else is, and they are finally doing something about it… is a brand new auction site that deals specifically in video games and video game related merchandise. The site works much like Ebay, in that people list items and you bid on them, except that the goal of the site is not simply offer auctions, but also to create a sense of community which is a feeling often lost when dealing on Ebay. Started by Mike Kennedy as an auction alternative, he had this to say in the website’s press release:

“I wanted to create a less expensive auction alternative catered to video game collectors around the world who also dabble in the modern consoles, as well. Unlike another popular auction site, we do not charge an insertion fee. So in a sense, we only get paid if the item sells. In addition, listing enhancement fees and selling percentages are also significantly lower.”

To get you started is running a promotion that gives new sellers a $15 New Seller Credit, which can be used to pay the fees on your first few auctions. In the words of founder Mike Kennedy, this enables sellers to give the site a “test-drive”., whose name refers to an obscure and highly collectible Atari 2600 cart, hopes to funnel away some of Ebay’s estimated 300,000 video game auctions. And why not? I personally would rather pay my hard earned money to fellow collectors rather then get gouged by one of the countless Ebay “stores.” If you are a seller, there is no excuse not to give the site a try, and if you are a buyer, than there are truly some deals to be had. I can only hope that this site catches on, because it would be step in a positive direction for the hobby that we all love so much.

Me? I just listed my loose copy of King Neptune. The auction URL is

Happy Bidding!


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