20 Six Word Reviews

I was stuck at a tradeshow promoting my employer yesterday, and all I had with me was a pen and a notepad. I decided that I’d better start doing something constructive, mostly for my own sanity, so I started trying to write a review of a game I was playing recently. I could only come up with one sentence before I got stumped, and that’s when I realized that you can say alot about a game in just six words:

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls (GEN) – Complete vivasection of a great franchise.

Robocop vs. Terminator (GEN) – Total fucking carnage and techno music.

Contra: Hard Corps (GEN) – Really, really, really. really fucking hard.

Decap Attack (GEN) – Throw your own severed, screaming head.

Virtua Racing (GEN) – The game’s graphics are very dated.

Tiny Toon Adventures – Acme All Stars (GEN) – Most annoying music in gaming history

Virtua Fighter (32X) – Much more ‘square’ than you remember.

Mega Man (NES) – Not as hard as I remembered.

Final Fantasy III (NES) – Best game made for the Nintendo.

Little Nemo Dream Master (NES) – “Challenging Game Play” is an understatement.

Maniac Mansion (NES) – The game’s plot is surprisingly riveting.

G.I. Joe (NES) – You get to play as Snake-Eyes.

King Neptune’s Adventure (NES) – Makes me question hardcore NES collectors.

Miss Moonlight (DC) – Makes me wish I spoke Japanese.

Soul Calibur (DC) – Leagues above the Mortal Kombat franchise.

Dragon Warrior 7 (PS) – One of the longest games ever.

Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete (PS) – I still like the original more.

Vagrant Story (PS) – Totally worth the hype it got.

Donkey Kong (2600) – Donkey Kong resembles a gingerbread man.

Carnival (2600) – Worst arcade port I’ve ever seen.


3 thoughts on “20 Six Word Reviews

  1. My favourite review so far. Not dissing the other in depth and well thought out reviews, but there needs to be more of this for every game.

  2. I really like these 6 word reviews! Very cool idea, and I would love to see more!

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