Review: Arcade Legends – Sega Genesis 6 in 1

I stopped at my first garage sale of the season yesterday, and while it was mostly crap I managed to find something pretty cool. It’s a plug-and-play TV game modeled after a model 2 Sega Genesis.

After doing some research I discovered that this deadly little device was put out by a company called Radica Games, who also put out similar versions of Tetris and Space Invaders. The contraption includes six Genesis games; Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Kid Chameleon, and Flicky.

The games are emulated very close to the their console counterparts, in fact I did not notice any difference at all in the control, game-play or graphics. The sound is another story all together, however. Presented in mono through only one audio RCA plug, the audio is small and tinny and just can’t compare to play on an original model 1 Genesis console.

The game’s controller retains the same shape and size as the original Genesis three-button controller, but with a translucent blue casing. There is just one other difference with the controller aside from esthetics, and it’s the inclusion of a menu button for returning to the game selection screen.

The mini-Genesis runs on either 4 AA batteries or a 6V AC adaptor. I played with batteries in for about 2 hours last night and they showed no sign of dying out on me.

Running through these games last night I had forgotten how fun Kid Chameleon and Golden Axe were. Even though I own 5 of the 6 games on this compilation (I have never even heard of Flicky) it was fun to play through them again. The games featured are a pretty good cross section of early Genesis titles, and it makes a quirky addition to my collection. I have no idea where you can find one now, but if you are a Sega fan, I would definitely try to find one just because it’s so damn cool.


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