Review: Soul Calibur II Limited Edition Arcade Stick

It is pretty much an undisputed fact that Soul Calibur II is among the greatest fighting games ever made. Released across the three major 6th generation consoles, the game featured a bonus playable character unique to each console version; Link (from the Zelda series) in the GameCube version, Heihachi (from the Tekken series) in the PlayStation2 port, and Spawn (from Todd McFarlane’s comic books) in the Xbox port. Soul Calibur II is the third game in the Soul series and the direct sequel to the Arcade title (and subsequent Dreamcast port) Soulcalibur.

The has been overwhelmingly praised for its game play, graphics, music, and the stunning amount of depth that the combat system provides. However, one thing remains the same across all consoles; it’s just not the same playing a fighting game without an arcade stick.

Every system has had it’s signature arcade stick: there was the Advantage for NES, the Arcade Power Stick for Genesis, the Virtua Arcade Stick for Saturn, the Agetec Arcade Stick for the Dreamcast and so on. I fully consider Nuby’s Limited Edition Soul Calibur II Arcade Stick to be the definitive PS2 arcade stick.

For years North American gamers have been taunted with countless Japan-only peripheral releases featuring artwork from and customization for specific games. In late 2003, we finally got a piece of the action.

The Soul Calibur II Limited Edition Arcade Stick is the real deal as far as Arcade peripherals go. Never mind the gorgeous artwork, the Stick features a perfect recreation the original Arcade button layout. The controller’s base has a descent amount of weight to it, and the buttons themselves are responsive and labeled for all three consoles.

“All three consoles?”

Which brings us to one of the most attractive features that this peripheral has to offer, it comes ready to be played on GameCube, PS2, and Xbox right out of the box with no converter cables necessary, thanks the handy three-in-one controller cord.

The controller also features a turbo and a program button that allows you to map button combos for easy cheating. The actual stick is the preferred oval shape (rather than round) and it feels very comfortable in your palm or fingers, even after prolonged use. The controller is perfect for Soul Calibur II, and with slight alteration to the control configuration using the in-game menu, the controller can perfectly emulate the exact arcade controls.

It doesn’t stop at just Soul Calibur II, however, I thoroughly tested it with games such as Soul Calibur III, Tekken 4, and Street Fighter EX and the Soul Calibur Limited Edition Arcade Stick works like a dream for each one.

Once on a platform does a peripheral come along that strikes the perfect balance between cosmetic beauty, collectibility, and functional quality that was reached with the Soul Calibur Limited Edition Arcade Stick. If you are into fighting games on any 6th generation console, than there is absolutely no question that you should own this arcade stick.

Rating: 9.5/10


3 thoughts on “Review: Soul Calibur II Limited Edition Arcade Stick

  1. this review is wrong. this joystick is awful. the joystick is stick-o-brick stiff and unresponsive. the buttons feel like the moles from a whack-a-mole arcade unit.

  2. I agree with gamerstavern, the Soul Calibur II arcade stick is a piece of shit. I have two of them and i hate them.

    The direction stick is awful, and buttons are even worse… futhermore, the arcade stick is not heavy enough, and it always get moved when you are playing… always… one and another time, and another time, and another… etc…

    I believe i’m gonna modify them, but it is hard.

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