The Adventure of Links – May 30th/08

I have a hell of a sore throat today and I am pretty much in first gear here. Hell, I am barely idolling. I don’t feel much like working today so I will be spending the afternoon sitting at my computer trying not to fall asleep. The following sites are what I will be entrusting my attention to. I think you should check them out as well.

The Final Fantasy Retrospective – – Compiled by, this huge 13 part look at every Final Fantasy game is truly a feat. With over 5.2 million views and a 9.6 average viewer rating, you know that there has to be something to this. If you consider yourself a Final Fantasy fan than this series is a must watch. The production value is high, the information complete and well organized, and you can obviously tell this was compiled by people with a true passion for the series. I am just hoping for a DVD release in the future…

Giant Bomb – – The beautiful fallout from GameSpot’s firing of Jeff Gerstmann. This Beta version of is presented in standard blog format, but is expected to launch as a full site this summer. Along with fellow ex-GameStop writer Ryan Davis, Jeff Gerstmann posts some of the best writing about video games you can find out there. The site also features a podcast called the Bombcast, and a series of videos entitled “How to Make a Bomb” which chronicles the development of the upcoming Giant Bomb full site and the set up of the Giant Bomb offices.

Retroware TV – – One of the best sources of retro gaming on the internet, Retroware TV has so much original content featured on it now that there is a new video nearly every single day. One of the newest editions, and among my personal favorites, is Norman Caruso’s Game Quikie and The Gaming Historian. They also have a relatively recent feature called Retro News Today that gives regularly updated news on retro gaming. Highly recommended!

Action Button – – Not your typical review site. Featuring reviews of newer games, the reviews, mainly those by Tim Rogers, are more often than not long winded rants that tangent into a hundred seemingly unrelated directions that all meet at the end with a score. Clever writing and brilliant anecdotes abound. – – One of the funniest comedy sites around, frequently has funny articles about video games and video game culture in their Tech category. Stand-outs include The 10 Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies of All TimeThe 10 Most Irritatingly Impossible Old-School Video Games, and The 6 Most Disappointing Video Game End Bosses.


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