Completely Rad Famicom pirates

Rare and Complete Pirates

Ingredients for a cool pirate: 1 part Famicom casing, 1 part Famicom board, 1 part cheesey and/or awesome lable art, and 3 parts Chinese determination and ingenuity. The case in point comes via‘s update this morning. A Gamesniped forum member is selling three more Famicom pirates that he has aquired directly form China. The three games are the infamous Final Fantasy VII pirate (he has two complete copies) for $200 and $170, a complete pirate of Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana) for $50, and a really cool complete pirate of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap for $150. Click here to go to the post of the Gamesniped forum.

Check the pictures below ( I pulled them from the sellers post on the Gamesniped forum)

Street Fighter 2 > 12 People Fighter

I recently picked up a pretty sweet pirate Famicom multicart on Ebay. It’s a 4 in 1 cart that features Super Contra, Ninja Gaiden 2, Double Dragon 2, and 12 People Fighter, You will almost certainly recognize all the games on that list except for that last one. That’s because 12 People Fighter is an 8-bit version of the world’s most well known hand-to-hand combat franchise, Street Fighter 2.

Now, I originally wanted to do a review of this particular game, but with the recent release of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 I have been splitting my free time between that, a play through of Front Mission for the DS (which is amazing, by the way), and this multi-cart. Instead, I will just give you a bit of a rundown and some first impressions.

I can tell you that this Street Fighter 2 pirate is pretty good. That is, once you get past the game’s violent difficulty. Your first opponent is Ryu, and he does nothing but his Fireball, Dragon Punch, and Hurricane Kick. This normally wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except for the fact this game has some of the cheapest A.I. I have ever encountered. For instance, if you make the mistake of actually getting knocked down, Ryu will rifle-off about 10 to 12 fireballs in a row, which basically makes it impossible for you to get back up. But, after you play it a couple (hundred) times, you get to know each fighter’s pattern and the best way to dodge their often relentless barrage of special moves. I have found that the best way to stay alive in 95% of fights is to just use jump kicks and throws.

A second and a half into the round and already with the fireballs

The graphic, especially the backgrounds are surprising detailed. The colors are pretty good, all though the photo above makes them look alot more washed out than they actually are. Considering the downgrade from 16-bits to 8, there isn’t really all that much lost, all things considered. Gone is the pre-fight screen showing the character’s avatars, which is instead replaced with a ‘tale of the tape’ type of thing that shows the fighter’s stats. Also some little touches like the animation in the backgrounds and the map and plane animation from the character select screen have been removed. But the continue screen was left mostly intact, as are the characters names and appearance. The character sprites have been recreated fairly successfully, with all fighters remaining completely recognizable. The game also supports two player, but really, it is reserved for novelty because if I want to play against one of my friends we would just pop in Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition.

Regardless of it’s many flaws, I still think that it’s really cool to revisit a classic game in a way in which it was never meant to be played.


One thought on “Completely Rad Famicom pirates

  1. Crap! I have played Pepsiman once and was really boring. That was taught to me by my Gramps. I have also tried that Wargames. Just same old goody goody war effects. Thanks for sharing anyway!

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