Back with a Vengeance!

Hello! After a lengthy summer long hiatus filled with child rearing and game playing I am back to doing regular updates. Its been a great summer of awesome finds in the wild and online, but I am going to start with a huge Sega related find I got earlier today. It is by far the best Sega CD / 32X I have ever found in the wild. The following list and pictures detail my wicked score:

Mint CIB Knuckles Chaotix (32X) for $5.95(!!)
Final Fight CD (Sega CD), missing the manual for $3.95
Time Gal, disc only for 95 cents
CIB Night Trap (Sega CD/32X) for $19.95
Sealed Coarpse Killer (Sega CD/32X) for $4.95

If you follow the trail of bread crumbs you will find that I paid just about $40 for $300 (give or take, based on an a quick ebay search) worth of games.

Not only is this a killer score, but it also satisfies several of spots on my wants list, most notably Knuckles Chaotix and Night Trap, which I have wanted for some time. I have also wanted to give Time Gal a play through, but it’s was always one of those games that I could never justify spending $30+ dollars on.

Now that the initial rush of finding an awesome score has passed, I am thinking of some of other games of interest I passed on this morning, such as Jurrasic Park (Sega CD) and Eternal Champions (Sega CD). I am going to head back tomorrow and see what’s left and maybe pick up a few stragglers. Perhaps the Resident Evil: Code Veronica for Dreamcast that was pretty reasonably priced at $20.

I am going to try an update again before the week is out, so stay tuned.


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