Snatcher promo copy on Ebay!

By way of the good people at, there is a real official looking (i.e. not fake) promo version of the North American Sega CD localization of the infinitely awesome cyberpunk masterpiece Snatcher on Ebay right now. As you know, I have an eternal love for this game . The $500 BIN doesn’t seem completely unreasonable, considering that the seller is also open to offers and the fact that complete copies of this game have been going for BINs in area of $150 – $220 lately, which is a substantial increase from this last year when the most copies you’d of Snatcher you’d see pop up would go for was maximum of around $140. Buying my complete copy of this game at the time I did was definitely an stellar investment, when you keep in mind the overall rarity of the game to begin with (sources put the production run at 10,000 for the North American English localization, with some sources putting the run at less than 5000 even as low at just 1000 copies) Anyway you look at it this is a great game, and there aren’t to many complete copies in prestine condition floating around anymore.

What adds to the possible collectibility of something like a promo (hand numbered to be #1, no less) of Snatcher is the game’s massive cult following, thanks in large part to the involvement of Hideo Kojima, who would later rocket to super stardom thanks to his enormously popular Metal Gear series. Anyway you cut it, this disc is sure to fetch a nice price and make one lucky collector happy as hell.

Note: The pictures of the Snatcher Promo disc are the property of the Ebay seller.


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