Another Four Reasons the Sega Genesis Rules

This is a reccurring feature here at Temple of Doom in which I spotlight the best games that Sega’s 16 bit powerhouse has to offer.  As always, I implore you to go and buy these games immediately.

Comix Zone

If you are a fan of games with excellent game play mechanics, tight control, an original concept and punishing difficulty, than Comix Zone is your game. The game is basically a side scrolling beat ’em up in which you play as comic book artist Sketch Turner. The comic book art you are working on gets struck by lightning (or something) and you get sucked into the pages of your own comic strip, while your comic’s main villain takes the place of the artist, drawing in objects and bad guys as you go. You must play through each panel of each page, all the while solving puzzles and beating down mutants and thugs. This is one of the last Genesis games that was released, and even though it is extremely awesome, it is a hard, hard game. You’ve been warned.

Disney’s Aladdin

One of the best platformers released in the 16-bit era, I would put Disney’s Aladdin on the same pedestal as Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Everything here is absolutely top notch, from the detailed character animations, the ridiculously catchy music, the graphics, background, level design… everything works. Plus the game can be pretty challenging the first couple times through. This game is the perfect example of how a video game adaptation of a movie can be a masterpiece if properly executed. ( I am talking to you, every James Bond game since Goldeneye)

X-Men 2: Clone Wars

This game is a perfect example of a sequel topping the original. Basically a side scrolling beat ’em up, you can choose between six X Men and Magneto (which is totally awesome), making for a total of seven playable mutants. The graphics are great, the control is perfect, the music kicks ass, and each playable character has their own set of special abilities and strengths and weaknesses. But be forewarned, this game is very hard. But it’s also addicting. A really cool feature in this game is that as soon as the game is turned on you start the first level with a randomly selected character. Only after you beat this introductory level do you see the game’s title screen. Pretty rad.

Rock N’ Roll Racing

One of my favorite racing games of all time, Rock N’ Roll Racing combines the racing style of Camerica’s NES title Micro Machines with  customizable weapons and power ups. The game is played on isometric tracks and you travel from planet to planet kicking alien ass and taking names. Even though it’s a futuristic racer, it takes it’s title from it’s soundtrack, which features dumbed down midi version of songs such as ‘Bad to the Bone’ (George Thorogood), ‘Paranoid’ (Black Sabbath), ‘Born to be Wild’ (Steppenwolf), and ‘Radar Love’ (Golden Earring). In reality though, as much as a selling point that the publishers tried to make out of the music, the tight controls and perfect difficulty really make this game worth picking up.

There you go. Four more reasons that Genesis does what Nintendon’t. Comment and tell me what your favorite Genesis games are.


2 thoughts on “Another Four Reasons the Sega Genesis Rules

  1. Have u tried Beggar Prince, the new videogame for the Genesis. I own one copy and it’s a total blast. Long life to the Sega Genesis

  2. The Genesis has always been on of my favorite consoles of all time. I really doesn’t get as much respect as it deserves.

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