Post-Christmas Round Up

Man, am I ever glad I have time off of work this holiday season. Using some of my banked vacation days, with the help of a couple well placed weekends, means that I have 11 consecutive days off of work. This works out really good for me, because below  is what I got for Christmas this year.

Persona 4, Persona 3: Fes, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Quest, Metal Storm (100% mint & CIB!), Shinobi III, an issue of RetroGamer and a tin of  Legend of Zelda candies (black socks- a Christmas standard, not pictured).

That represents my total haul, including my wife, parents and brother. I haven’t had much time until tonight to check things out, but I can report that I just got done my first hour (of many) in Persona 4 and I must say that I am already sucked into the story, it’s just so well told. Very impressive so far, and I haven’t even freely fought a battle yet.

Oh, and remember my post a few weeks back in which I was wishing for a red Sharp Twin Famicom? Well, one of my gifts was a tracking number, which I have been entering on tri-daily since Christmas day desperate for an update on the shipping of the schwag pictured below;

I am epically excited to take this maybe for a test run and as soon as I get my hands on it (Jan.6th or 7th) I will be posting a big Twin Famicom review. In the mean time and in-between time, I suggest you head over to Powet TV or the Famicom Dojo site and check out the last episode of season 1, as it has all the background on the Twin Famicom that you will need. Hell, while you are there you might as well check out all of the other episodes because the Famicom is amazing and this shit should be taught in school.

One last thing of note: December 29th is the one year anniversary of the Temple of Doom Retro Video Game Collecting blog and on that day I will be posting a retrospective featuring the best of the year that was. So make sure to come back and check that out. Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Round Up

  1. […] I have to wait for either the replacement belt for my FDS to come or my beautiful Sharp Twin Famicom (with new belt already replaced) before I can play the FDS games, but I played a bit of Obake no […]

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