Mail time! (Twin Famicom!)

I finally got a chance to get to the post office to pick up my package this weekend. It had been sitting there since Dec. 31st, which was all the more heart breaking. But it was well worth it when I opened up the securely fastened box to find:

My very own red Sharp Twin Famicom. I have been after a Twin Famicom (specifically, a red model) for months now and at long last its finally here. Not only does this bulk up my Famicom Disk System hardware collection, but it also acts as an AV Famicom, so I don’t have to use channel 7 (??) and pray that I get a good picture when enjoying all my rad Fami-carts.

The system also came with 15 games; 10 Disk system games and 5 Famicom carts. The carts are Adventure Island, Galaga, Legend of Kage, Antarctic Adventure, and some shmup I am that I don;t recognize. The disc games are Doki Doki Panic, Super Mario 2 (w/ Zenon on side B), a platforming Ultraman game, Famicom Grand Prix, Dog, Risa Tachibana, Idol Hotline Tokimeki High School, Nazo no Murasamejo, and Fuun Shourinken Shaolin.

The console itself required some heavy cleaning, but I took it a part and blew out all the dust bunnies with a can of air and gave the casing a good scrubbing with goo-gone, and now other than a couple scratches it looks beautiful. The controllers also need a hardcore internal cleaning, but I have not gotten around to that yet. I figure I can put up with a sticky D pad for a while longer.

The system plays great, although sometimes the carts need a little side-to-side jiggling to get them to work, but I will take the whole thing apart next week and give it a closer inspection and fix any other problems that come up. Expect to see a new Feature article up by the end of this week, and possibly a few more in the Finds catagory, as I am expecting a couple more packages from the land of the rising sun in the neext little while. Until then, I am going to be playing some awesome games.


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