Mail Time! (Famicom goodness!)

Before I begin, I know that I promised a review last Friday, but Thursday night I got pukey sick and Friday my one year daughter did, so needless to say it wasn’t much of a relaxing weekend. The review still needs some work, but in the mean and in between time, I did get a sweet package on Friday from Carl over at Famicom Shop.

Mighty Final Fight is a truly rad game. It was also released for the NES but I don’t think it’s very common. Mighty Final Fight plays like a super deformed version of the Final Fight arcade / SegaCD version. Think River City Ranson with body splashes and tornado punches. Awesome.

The Zelda game is the cart re-release of the Famicom Disk System orginal “Hyrule Fantasy: Za Hairaru Fantajī Zeruda no Densetsu”, or as we know it: “The Legend of Zelda”. The game is missing the suped up music of the disk version, although it does retain the compatibility with the Famicom’s second controller microphone. I spent a couple hours, between long intervals of feeling totally awful to demonstrate my complete mastery and down-right dangerously excellent Zelda skills:

That’s mine at the top. Damn straight. I forgot how good the first Zelda game was. More around mid-week, kids. Until then…


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