Review – RetrowareTV Season 2 DVD

Released by:
Release Date: January 5th, 2009

Number of Discs: 3
Encoding: Region Free

Special Features: Season overview commentary, Sold Separately, Video Game Knowledge, Webcam Reviews, Famicom Disk System Special, RetroUSB promos, and HVGN Low G Man commentary.

After an excellent offering in Retroware TVs first season DVD set, John and Lance had a lot of hype to live up to. Now the groundbreaking internet based retro video games website and show has completed its second season run and has put together another top notch DVD package. First released at the end of 2008 to coincide with MagFest, the DVD set became available for sale publicly on Jan 5th. Those who were lucky enough to be among the first 10 to place an order received an art card signed by John and Lance (Retroware TV’s masterminds), Derek Alexander (the always excellent Happy Video Game Nerd) and Norman Caruso (the Gaming Historian).

Being a huge nerd with impeccable timing, I was one of the proud , the few to receive the autographed art card, thereby adding to my list of Retroware TV collectibles (current total: 2).

Season Two’s autographed art card

my Season One DVD postcard, framed all fancy-like

If you have been living in an internet-free zone for the past two years, I’ll give you the low down. was started as the website hosting the show of the same name. John Delia and Lance “Ito Bandito” Cortez, the hosts, writers, produces, and editors of the show, who are also avid collectors and classic video game enthusiasts would almost weekly deliver new episodes in pieces. Some episodes had themes ( Classic Gaming Expo, Arcade reviews), while mostly they were just perfect little collections of reviews and reminiscences of some of their most cherished games. Since those humble beginnings is now the source for classic gaming videos on the internet, hosting such independently created shows as the Happy Video Game Nerd,  The Gaming Historian, Video Game Take Out, RetroBeats, from Pixels to Plastic, and Destroy the Humanoid. In addition to these featured shows, the website also features shorter videos such as Game Quickie, Sold Separately, and Video Game Knowledge.

Now for the brass tax: Retroware’s Season 2 DVD. Again we have a jam packed three disc set featuring the five season two episodes and another insightful commentary feature (watch it all the way to end, trust me). The bonus stage of the DVD is particularly well rounded this time out featuring all eleven of Ito’s ‘Sold Separately’ peripheral review shorts, John D.’s Video Game Knowledge shorts and Webcam reviews, as well as Retroware’s RetroUSB promos, Famicom Disk System Special and Derek Alexander’s Low G Man commentary.

If you watch from season 1 to 2 of Retroware TV you’ll notice that in the second season John and Lance are much more comfortable with both the show’s style and their individual visions.  The editing is light years beyond some of the early episodes, the narration is top notch, and the overall quality of each piece that makes up the episodes are fantastic. The first episode of season 2 (episode 7) alone is enough to warrant the purchase of this DVD set alone, but pile on top of that everything else and you have a can’t miss purchase. Whether you are new to the classic gaming scene or you were playing games when SNES was considered next-gen, you owe it to yourself to get this, and I would just like to say that I am really looking forward to Season 3. Good job, boys!


4 thoughts on “Review – RetrowareTV Season 2 DVD

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