“Not For Resale” Gameboy Printer?

I think I may have an oddity here. I picked this up at a local second hand shop for $4, and after some research I realized I may have a rarity here. If not a rarity, then certainly an oddity.

The Gameboy Printer was released in 1998 at the same time as the Gameboy Camera and can be used to print pictures taken with the camera device. The printer uses thermal printing and prints onto custom made spools of 3.8 cm thermal paper with an adhesive backing. During my research I found out that it takes 6 AA batteries to run this thing, but here is where mine is different.

That AC adapter is hard wired to the machine through a hole drilled in the recesses where the batteries are supposed to fit. The model and voltage of the adapter are the same as the Super Nintendo adapter.

Because of the protrusion of the adapters cord from the bottom of the printer it cannot sit flat like it’s supposed to. This makes me think that there was some sort of display stand that it originally was housed in. That and the fact that the on/off switch cannot be turned to “off” (almost as if it’s molded as one piece of unmovable plastic) leads me to believe that this was definitely a display model.

If anyone has any further info, please share it in the comments section.


3 thoughts on ““Not For Resale” Gameboy Printer?

  1. Whether or not it’s of any value, I’d say for $4 that’s a steal. It’s obviously more rare than the standard commercial models :D

  2. I don’t think its a rarity, I just think it’s a simple mod created by the previous owner, alot of people including myself try to replace battery powered devices by using a correct voltage adapter, and by the design and fault of putting the power wire straight underneath, Nintendo would surely think of a stylish way or simple way to put the wire under the device without it becoming off balance.

  3. This is not a user mod, I foun one myself yesterday, it didn’t have the demo sticker, and the switch can be turned off, and the black cover over the print head is lose as well, but it matches your description perfectly, I believe this is not an oddity, bur a rarity. Are yours and mine the only 2 in existence? Internet, please give us more info!!!

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