Finds: Mega Man V (Game Boy)


Another excellent find for the collection over the weekend! I pIcked up a copy of Mega Man V for the original Game Boy. The cart is in absolutely perfect condition as is the label, and as a double bonus the manual was also included, also in in perfect condition. If you have been following Game Boy stuff at all in the past year, you’ll know that it is becoming highly collectable and the prices are rising. Mega Man V, for instance, commonly goes for between $60 and $80 loose. The price I paid? $9.95 plus taxes at a local thrift store. A pretty good deal, I would say.

An interesting factoid about Mega Man V of the Game Boy; it was the last Mega Man game (until Mega Man 9, that is) to use the classic Mega Man sprite that debuted in the original Mega Man for the NES. It is also supposed to be one of the best Mega Man games of all time, but I haven’t really had a chance to get into it that much yet.

I have a bunch of updates coming this week after I kind of took last week easy, so check back.


2 thoughts on “Finds: Mega Man V (Game Boy)

  1. […] Finds: Mega Man V (Game Boy) – February 23rd – I couldn’t not mention this one, as I paid only $9.95 for it when it routinely goes for $60 – $80 loose on Ebay. Not to mention the fact that it is hands down the best of the Game Boy Mega Man games and I would say even better than a couple of the later NES original series titles. […]

  2. I like how you mentioned the dash-firing in the desircption That’s something not many people know about.For those who don’t know, uncharged shots fired during dashes do double the damage than a standard uncharged shot.

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