Q: Where the hell is the temple of doom?

A: As you may have noticed, this blog is not called templeofdoom.org anymore. When my domain expired last month I ran into some blatantly obvious “copyright issues” regarding my choice of site and domain names. So I am back (update your bookmarks and blogrolls, bitches) under a new name.


Q: Why did I choose VideoGamesAreRad.com?

A: Because it’s an awesome domain name and video games are extremely rad.


Q: Why haven’t you updated in like, forever?

A: While I was sorting out this whole domain debachle the site was completely unaccesable because all of my wordpress.com sub directories had the prefix “templeofdoom.org/”, and there for led directly back to a place holder website.


Q: Are you going to keep doing this blog?

A: Yes. The only thing that has changed is the domain name and I also changed the layout. All the archived posts are all still intact and I will resume updating as per usual effective tomorrow, and I have aquired a whole bunch of rad jazz in the last 4 or so weeks, so be prepared for the deadly.


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