With this recent find, I have filled a sizable gap in the body of work that is my game collection. These are two of my favorite games that I have always owned loose, but to find them complete, in the mint/near mint condition they are in, and for the paltry price I paid (i love it when people do spring cleaning and put up classified ads online!), these two beauties are now among the most cherished parts of my collection. See for yourself:


As an added bonus, they both came with guides. Specifically Final Fantasy 3 came with a guide, and Final Fantasy 2 came with volume 30 of Nintendo Power (which features a partial walk through and FF2 on the cover). I did a bit of scouting and it appears that there is no guide for Final Fantasy 2 in existence, so the issue of Nintendo Power will have to suffice.



I am totally shocked by the shape these games are in. These weren’t just stuffed into a bookcase or crammed into a box under the stairs, these games were well taken care of. All I know is that I am totally psyched about these babies and couldn’t be happier. Tons more coming in the upcoming days, so stay tuned.




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