Commodore 64!

Unlike most children of the 80’s I never had an Atari 2600. My first memories of the Atari 2600 where not until after I had already received my much loved Nintendo Entertainment System. Whenever we would go over to my aunt and uncle’s giant Lakewood mansion, I would always go off on adventures and would more often then not find my way into their basement. Amongst a ton of neat stuff to get into they had a dusty old 2600 hooked up to an enormous cabinet TV. Even back then (1989?) I remember thinking how, well… old and out dated that 2600 seemed. I mean, I was hot off the heels of my first devastation of The Legend of Zelda, and playing Pitfall and Adventure was just no comparison. Plus having to walk all the way to the console to press pause? C’mon!


I must admit, however, that my first taste of video games was not the NES. When I was a kid my first exposure to video games was the almighty Commodore 64. My cousin Neil had a Commodore 64 and I remember suffering through the hideous load times and literally wasting entire days on Elevator Action and Impossible Mission. For those reasons the Commodore 64 has always had a special place in my heart.

About a month ago I decided to place an ad on a local online classified site. I basically just said that I was looking for C64 stuff and left my email address. Within hours I got a reply from a guy telling me that he had some stuff and I should come over and take a look. I did… and this is what I got:


For $75!

Two monitors (one still in the box), two disk drives (again, one still in it box, with the 339.99 price tag still intact), 4 plastic storage bins full of games, a large box of various applications and system disks, a mouse complete in the box,  three working Commodore 64’s (two of the original design and one 64C), a printer, a box of printer paper, all the connecting wires and power bricks and a bunch of manuals, books, and magazines.




After I put the baby to bed I spent about 4 solid hours cleaning 25+ years of disgusting gross off of everything, testing it all out, and making a few minor repairs. For example, one of the original style C64’s was in pristine condition, no yellowing, surprisingly clean, except for the fact that the tab key was broken off. But I managed to fix it perfectly using a C clamp and some Mighty Putty. To my surprise absolutely everything worked perfectly, and after a roll of paper towls and a can and a half of air duster everything looked amazing as well.




At the time when I purchased this legendary haul my wife, daughter and I where housesitting at my in-laws house, so I slowly brought the stuff back to our place and set up a little corner of my gaming temple just for the Commodore 64:


Awesome. Just plain totally awesome. More on Friday. Until then…


4 thoughts on “Commodore 64!

  1. My goodness I have no idea how you get so lucky. You have had some amazing finds and I am totally jealous. Enjoy that Commodore 64. Looks amazing.

  2. Awesome, the C64 holds a special place in my heart too. Never had any disk drives or monitors when I was young though just the tape deck.

  3. Yeah, I am pretty pumped about the C64. I am trying to track down an Amiga now, but haven’t had much luck yet. Thanks again for reading!

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