Finds – Extra Large Edition

Here is a collective post of all the finds that didn\’t really merit a single post on their own, so I just saved them up so I could do a great big post. All of this stuff has been acquired since mid March. Also of note, I barely paid anything at all for this stuff. I have been on a big trading kick lately and have been refining my collection in the process. I may not have as big a collection as I did 8 months ago, but holy shit- all my games are good. Practically no filler. Without further ado:



The really popular PS1 RPGs do not show up very often in the used game stores and pawn shops in my area, so when I saw these in my local pawn shop near the end of March I just had to get them. The  XenoGears was $49.95 and the Star Ocean was $39.99, so they were pretty close to market value and no where near some of the awesome deals I unearth. I ended up trading a bunch of doubles and extra consoles so I ended up not paying a dime out of pocket. I actually traded my old copy of Star Ocean in with everything because it was in pretty rough shape and missing the manual. Now I have a perfect mint version. I rule.


I picked most of these up last Sunday. I got the Viewtiful Joe used from EB Games for $ 4.99. I got Metal Saga, Grandia 3, Time Splitters 2 and Killer 7 from a local used game shop for $5 each, which is a pretty awesome deal, especially for the two PS2 titles. I paid $10 at the same shop a few weeks ago for the Gamecube Resident Evil. All are complete and scratch free.



These two CIB Genesis games I picked up from Replay Games ( around mid-March. I didn\’t own either complete and these two titles don\’t show up CIB around these parts much, so I traded some stuff and added them to the shelf.


I got this copy of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, which is in absolutely beautiful condition, for the sweet price of $5.95 from the same place I got the Gamecube and PS2 games I  mentioned earlier. I actually have never played any of the Kingdom Heart games, but I plan on it eventually, so I thought I\’d pick this one up on the cheap.

I am currently working on a couple different features and reviews, and I just made a substancial addition to my collection tonight via Ebay, but I\’ll wait until it comes in the mail to show it off. Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Finds – Extra Large Edition

  1. Did you ever end up trying Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories? I have a friend who loves that game and I honestly cannot stand it.

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