Finds – the $1.99 deal of my life…


A chance occurrence today resulted in one of my greatest finds ever, both personally and collection wise. I took a close up shot of the price tag before I peeled it off, because it such an unbelievable price. I had the afternoon off work because my wife and I had a couple appointments with our real estate agent to look at some houses, and we had about 40 minutes of time to kill between showings, so we stopped at the Salvation Army Thrift Store halfway between destinations just to kill time. And low and behold sitting on a shelf in the housewares section was this beauty:


A complete in box, mint copy of Hero’s Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero. The game was later retitled Quest For Glory because of a copyright issue with Milton Bradley, so that makes this the first print of the game. In case you are insane (or not a giant nerd) Hero’s Quest (as I will forever know and refer to it as) is a tongue-in-cheek PC role playing game created by Sierra in 1989 and was a huge step forward in the combination of the adventure game and the traditional stat building of computer role playing games. When I was a kid (1991?) my grandpa got an MS-DOS based PC  with a whole ton of pirated games installed onto the hard drive. Games like Leisure Suit Larry 3, Police Quest, Space Quest, The Colonel’s Bequest, Codename: Iceman, and of course Hero’s Quest. My cousins Neil and John, and my brother and I played Hero’s Quest forwards and backwards at every family gathering for a couple years straight. This really helped to develop my life long love (obsession?) with RPG’s.




As far as I can tell, everything is included here, and all of it in amazing condition. I have yet to test it out because I am a Mac user now, so I have to pull out my PC (which has a 3.5″ floppy drive in it) and give her a whirl. I can’t explain to you how pumped I am about this. Awesome.


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