Most Valuable Games, Part 1

I am in the midst of doing a spring cleaning/reorganization of my game room, and while I was going through all my games I realized that I have quite a few high value games. My collecting philosophy has never been to collect games for the sole reason that they are valuable. I prefer to buy games that are not only playable, but games that are actually good games. Bubble Bobble 2 for NES may be worth $500 complete, but I have absolutely no interest in owning it because frankly, I hated the original Bubble Bobble. That’s not to say that there aren’t really goods games that are worth a lot of money, and I seem to have a nice little stash of ’em. Sure, I may not have a collective of games worth $400 or $800 a piece, but as a byproduct of acquiring only awesome video games, I think they are pretty decent. Here are a few and their estimated Ebay values, in no particular order.

Suikoden 2 – PS1, Released Sept. 1999 – Approx. Value: $140


This one is a favorite in my collection. The best game in the entire series, Suikoden 2’s high value can be attributed to an extremely low print-run, a lack of additional printings, and the success of the PS2 Suikoden sequels. Anyway you cut it, this is perhaps the rarest and most valuable North American PlayStation game. My copy is in mint condition. Seriously, I don’t think that there has ever even been a finger print on the media side of the disc and the manual has never been removed from the jewel case. Beautiful.

Dragon Warrior 4 – NES, Released Oct. 1992 – Approx. Value $130


The classic story of NES rarity applies to Dragon Warrior 4; released (relatively) late in the NES’s life, smaller print run, high demand, and the slew of extra’s make this title pretty expensive. My copy is absolutely mint except for the corners of the box, which slow shelf wear. The maps, manual, and cart are all pristine and minty fresh. I posted an article of my conquest for this title late last month. You can get teh details here.

Chrono Trigger – SNES, Released Aug. 1995 – Approx. Value $75 – $85


Chrono Trigger is one of my absolute favorite games of all time, and as you can tell by the picture my copy is pretty haggard. There is significant shelf wear on all the edges and corners and some fading. However, even though this game is not rare in the least, collector demand keeps even a copy without the map and a beat up manual pretty high. I am happy to say that the cart is 100% flawless. I do plan on getting a mint copy one of these day, which run in the $150 – $200 range, but for now I am happy with what I have.

Streets of Rage 3 – Genesis, Released Mar. 1994 – Approx. Value $60 – $80


This game is expensive mainly because it was under-marketted at the time of release, was released inlimited supply, and was one of the last Genesis games to be released in the plastic clamshell case before SEGA switched over to those awful cardboard boxes to save costs. However, this game is not nearly as valuable as it was around this last year. In the past this game used to sell for close to $100 mint and CIB and arounf $60 – $80 loose. On top of that you used to rarely see any copies at all, CIB or loose, on online auction sites. I got my copy a little over a year ago from an local classified ad for $25 with a loose cart copy of Shining Force 2 (with a mint manual!), so either way I am laughing. Regardless of the price, Streets of Rage 2 is still the greatest in the series, handsdown.

Stay tuned to additional entries in ongoing series of features.


One thought on “Most Valuable Games, Part 1

  1. I’m gonna go to your house and steal your copy of Suikoden II. Where did you get it?

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