Chasing Carts: NES Top 15 CIB (Update #3)

This is a chronicle of my quest to own my 15 favorite Nintendo Entertainment System game complete in the box (CIB)… Play catch up on my progress by checking out the following posts:

The First Post
Update #1
Update #2


The second I opened the package that came last Friday I had a flood of nostalgia well up and smack me right in the face. So many memories… I recounted my experience of receiving Final Fantasy as a kid in my Insert-O-Rama article last week, so I won’t rehash it here. I will say that I was just as excited as I remember being when I first got my hands on the game when I was 9 years old. A huge plus was that the copy I got 22 years later is only a couple grades below my sealed copy was in the summer of 1991.


The only difference is that this time I won’t actually use the maps and handbook for their original purpose (stupid kid). They will stay perfectly folded in the box, which is in a plastic NES box protector, safely on my top shelf. In fact, the cart is in such beautiful condition (it was still in the plastic bag that Nintendo carts came in back in the day) that I have decided to keep it right in the box. So I now have two copies, my other being my original cart with my dad’s sharpie-scrawled “N.W./R.W” (my brother and I) tattooed on the front, and my practically brand new display version.


So now my list of my 15 favorite NES games I have yet to own CIB is down to just three. Two of which are pretty easy and relitively cheap to pick up. I am pretty relieved that I got the two big guns (Dragon Warrior 4 and Final Fantasy) out of the way. Let’s get a look at the list, with all of those beautiful strike-throughs.

Metal Storm
The Legend of Zelda
Little Nemo Dream Master
River City Ransom
Bionic Commando
Clash at Demonhead
Duck Tales
Dragon Warrior 4
Final Fantasy
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out
Mega Man 2


3 thoughts on “Chasing Carts: NES Top 15 CIB (Update #3)

  1. where do u get cases like that in bulk? best price i can find is $15 per, for toys, collectables, video games cib / new or just the carts. all to fit pretty tight fit.


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