Finds! Extra Large Edition – May 27th 2009

I got some pretty sweet finds over the past few weeks, so I am chronicling them all here in a super sized post. Let’s begin…


I finally got a complete copy of Final Fantasy 6 for the Super Famicom. This game has such beautiful box art, I wish the NTSC releases followed suit. I also picked up a complete copy of Super Mario World (which are quite difficult to find, considering that the game was packed in sans-box with 80% of Super Nintendo’s sold. I would say the overall condition is about 7/10. The manual is a little busted up, but thankfully it is indistinguishable from the manual that came with the SNES bundle and is extremely common. I also picked up Chibi Robo for the Gamecube, which I had never played before, but have always heard good things about. Lastly I picked up a CIB copy of Robot Versus The Terminator for the SNES. Although a pretty average game (compared to the Genesis version, which rules), but the totally awesome feature of the SNES version is the box.



The box is actually molded plastic with an inset cardboard tray that holds the cart as well as displays the printed info on the back. I always wanted a complete SNES version of Robocop Versus The Terminator forthe Super Nintendo, basically just for the novelty of the box. When I saw it at a local used game shop for $10, I just had to have it.


I also recently picked up Road Rash 2 and The Lost Vikings for $1.99 and $2.99 respectively at Value Village. Road Rash 2 is the second installment in Electronic Art’s Sega Genesis crotch-rocket racer series, and The Lost Vikings is a highly original and addictive platform puzzler that was developed by what would later become Blizzard. I finally got Suikoden: Tierkreise. Confused about the pronunciation? Slowly, now: Swee-co-den Tear-Chrys (Tear as in cry, and Chrys as in Chrysler minus the ‘ler’). I have put picking this game up so far simply because i have such a back log of games to play right now that I didn’t want to abandon them all because Suikoden pretty much trumps all for me (Final Fantasy not included), but I found it used for $20, so I couldn’t resist. I have played it for a couple hours and so far I am pretty impressed with the shear amount of animation and voice work they have managed to squeeze out of the DS. Over all, the voice acting is ranges from average to above average, except for the main hero character, who’s voice acting is borderline embarrassing.



Another amazing Salvation Army Thrift Store find, after I found Hero’s Quest complete a few weeks ago. This find is another complete Sierra MS-DOS game. It’s a release called Sierra Award Winners, and features three complete games; King’s Quest 5, Red Baron and Rise of the Dragon, all on 3.5″ floppy. All the manuals are included and even three double-sided maps for use with Red Baron. I had to shell out a whole $2.99 to make this mine. Man, I really have to get a monitor for my Windows machine so I can play these games…


Lastly I have my 100% mint copy of the Nintendo Power pack-in Dragon Warrior strategy guide, which I purchased from someone over at the forums. I am trying to assemble a 100% complete Dragon Quest / Warrior Set, and this is just another hurtle I have jumped. A pretty cool find I got a few weeks ago was a factory sealed copy of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs for the Sega CD, which I opened to play. Blasphemy? Maybe, but I had heard that it was a fun arcade-style racing shooter and I just had to give it a try. It is all of those things, but it is also really fucking hard and frustrating, so I guess the jokes on me.

All and all it has been a pretty nice season of finds in the wild. I have been paying for most of this stuff in trades, continuing to further refine my collection to only playable games that I actually enjoy. I have annexed a lot of peripherals lately, such as my CIB Power Glove, my Power Pad and my CIB Super Scope, because quite frankly I never used them. They were awesome to have, just in the end their value was better put to use acquiring games that I do want to get some enjoyment out of. I will have a review of the Mother 3 handbook put out by FanGamer on Friday, so come back for that.


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