Where are all the updates!??!!

Sorry for the lack of updates this month, but my wife and I are in the process of purchasing a house.

Finally! We have been looking since November of last year, but in the past couple years the housing market in my city has absolutely exploded, and the recession hasn’t even touched my home province, so needless to say finding an affordable house that is not in a slum has been pretty cutthroat.

We are just waiting for the bank to tell us that we make enough money to sign over a large portion of it to them, but the deal is as good as done.

Why should you care? Well, there is a extra room in the basement of out future digs, and that means a whole new Temple of Doom. I am going to use Video Games Are Rad to document the creation of my new game room. Everything from custom shelving, to cable routing and paint, I will post it all here. Our possession date isn’t until the end of August and I have some more stuff to post between now and then, but pretty much all of our fiances are tied up in lawyers fees and title insurance and inspection fees so I doubt I will have a spare dime to put towards the collection until September. I will hopefully get a new post up Friday, but no promises because we are beach bound Tuesday for Canada Day at Grandview Beach.

Until then…


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