My wife and I are set to take possession of of new house on August 27th. Over the past couple days I have been going through my collection and weeding out extras, doubles, and stuff I am no longer interested in. Today I took a grocery bag full of TG-16 stuff down to Re-Play Games and made a straight trade for this:


Oh baby. With this must covetted aquisition I am only one CIB game away from a complete Dragon Warrior set (1-4 and 7) and only 5 away from a complete Dragon Warrior / Quest set. I am still missing the boxes for the first 4 Famicom games, and I am missing a CIB Dragon Warrior 2 for the NES. Re-Play has a minty fresh Dragon Warrior 2 CIB sitting in their display case, and I imagine by the end of the month I will have dug out a 100 dollars more worth of stuff that I can part with. The Famicom games can be had for practically nothing CIB ($15-25 a piece, probably less if I avoid Ebay).


I just had to post this one because I am so psyched about it. i will be starting up me series of posts about tearing down my game room and setting it up again when I move this coming week, so stay tuned for that. If you are bored this weekend and looking for something to play I highly recommend Valkyrie Profile:Plume of the Covenant for Nintendo DS. I have logged a couple hours onto it over the past week or two and I am consistantly impressed with its story and battle mechanics, so I would go and grab that if you are looking for an amazing tactical / strategy RPG. Until later…


2 thoughts on “Finds!

  1. i just picked up a CIB copy DW2 with the mail-away map, all mint and perfect for $80 shipped over at nintendoage. The difference between good and mint is that extra $40…

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