Summer Carnival ’92 Recca


Check out what I just got in the mail… my very own copy of Summer Carnival ’92 Recca. Yes, I am aware that it is a pirate and not the super-rare official version, but even pirate copies of Recca ain’t easy to track down. Just ask me, I have literally been looking for a copy for years. I scooped this up straight from Argentina by way of the Famicom World forums, and as a bonus the buyer included a plastic cart case. It seems to be made for Master System games, but I haven’t check yet because much of my video games stuff is packed. All I know is that it holds my Recca just fine. This is the only pint-sized hard shell case I have, and it’s pretty cool. I will have keep my eyes open from now on.


And just what the heel is this Summer Carnival ’92 Recca that I have been bathering on about? Sit back, clench your teeth, watch Lance’s (from  review below, and hold the fuck on because it is wicked!

That’s a Famicom game! The sprite count and speed are unbelievable. And that’s not sped up emulation, either. This game really does play like that; and a hell of a lot better than that video would make it seem.


2 thoughts on “Summer Carnival ’92 Recca

  1. I picked up a reproduction of this cart online a few months back and I can say that it’s one of the best vertical shooters I’ve played on any console, let alone a freakin’ NES!

    Those four levels are just… intense. I haven’t even made it past the second stage yet. The crazy thing about it is after you beat it, hit reset and the title screen goes up in flames, giving you another 7 levels of… basically, bullet hell.

  2. This game is definitely top notch. It really exemplifies how powerful the famicom/nes hardware could work if you got enough talented programmers working on a project.

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