This is a ‘holy shit find’ I got a few weeks back and just never got around to posting. If you look at the price tag in the photo below you can see that I paid all of $3.95 for this game. Compare that to the Ebay auctions I searched just today where it is going for in the area of $130 US and you could say that I got a pretty good deal.

They key difference between this ludicrously priced version of the Game Cube Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II and the not-so ludicrously priced version is the little word “plus” after the title.


The “plus” version of the GCN title was released in far fewer quantities than the original and includes areas and upgrades that were previously available online-only, and as such this version is highly sought after by hardcore fans of the Phantasy Star Online series.

While I am not the biggest fan of PSO, I am a huge fan of the original Genesis RPGs. Suffice to say, I am pretty psyched to add this to my collection. The amazing thing is, I got the original Phantasy Star Online for the Game Cube (which goes for around $50 now) at the same store a few years back for the same price.

So that makes 2 games I have found on the cheap from the “Most Valuable Game Cube Games” list in the past month, the other being DDR: Mario Mix. Three cheers for me!



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