Peel it the Fuck Down: Deconstructing a Game Room

In the interest of science, I will be documenting the deconstruction, transportation, and set up of my new game room (aka the Temple of Doom) as my wife, daughter and I move from being renters to home owners.

Where to start? Well how about packing. Now, I may not have the Bubble Bobble 2s, Chase the Chuckwagons and Cauldron 6 in 1s that some other collectors have, but I have been very selective in my collecting and my large collection is more impressive and valuable as a whole, rather than when it’s viewed in parts. There are of course, exceptions (like my mint CIB Snatcher, Suikoden 2 and Dragon Warrior 4).

What this means is rather than put all of my high value games into one or five boxes, I kind of have to think about packing and transporting my collection as if it were one singular living entity.

Not only is the title of this entry a nod to one of my favorite bands of all time, it is also descriptive of my attitude towards packing my game room. I want to get it packed and ready to go sooner rather than later because I have about 8 more rooms that have to be spotlessly cleaned and packed and I don’t want to have to rush packing my life’s work.

So I have already started packing up my collection. I bring home about 5 or 6 boxes everyday from work (it’s times like this I love working in a print shop, where the boxes are plentiful) and I have them filled before I even get on a roll.

Below are three pictures of my temple of doom as it looked about three weeks ago:



Pretty snazzy. After a couples hours of work, my temple of doom now looks like this:



I enjoyed going through alll my games again. I picked out some doubles, stuff I have lost interest in collecting, and other peripherals that I didn’t really want anymore and it all went into one big box that I am going to go use for trade. I see a minty fresh CIB Dragon Warrior 2 in my future…

As far as packing all the games and such into boxes goes, I have tried to group all the games into the boxes in some sort of orderly fashion and provided extra protection where necessary. For example, I wrapped my Twin Famicom in half a roll of bubble wrap because it would cost me a small fortune to replace.


I have been storing all my loose carts in plastic tupperware containers so I am just going to borrow a mini-roll of shrink wrap from work and wrap them all into a big tubber-cube so that I don’t have to worry about lids popping off during the big move.


About the only I haven’t packed is my Nintendo DS because I am up to my ass in Suikoden right, which is an awesome game. I am also replaying (GRINDING) the original Dragon Warrior for NES. There is a strong possibility of no updates next week because I am on vacation and will hopefully be at the beach most of the time. Later!


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