Policenauts English Patch is Out!


The fan made English translation patch of Hideo Kojima’s Japan only, multiplatform classic Policenauts has finally been released. The patch was the labour of love by the kids over at Policenauts.net, and it has literally been years in the making. I have never played this game (as I do not speak Japanese), but Policenauts is often refered to as the spiritual successor to one of my favorite games of all time, Kojima’s cyberpunk masterpiece Snatcher.

I am not privy to the story of Policenauts, as I have been saving the experience. I, like many others, have been eagerly anticipating the release of this patch. and want to experience the game without any preconceived details of the plot and story.

I encourage all die-hard Kojima fans to head over to Policenauts.net and download this patch. The patch is going to be for the PlayStation version of the game. I’ll tell you, this game is going to become top priority for me as soon as the big move is complete. Speaking of which…

In site news, I will be back to regular updates in the coming weeks, as my wife and I take possession of our new house this Thursday at 12 noon. I will be detailing the set up of my new game room (which I have reserved in a cozy spare bedroom in the basement). Once we are all settled and not living out of boxes anymore, I will once again have some more spare time to dedicate to more features and reviews. I have acquired a lot of cool stuff over the past month that I have put off on posting due to packing and such, which has become a major time thief as of late. One pick-up that I am dying to detail is a beautiful Commodore Amiga score that I am still reeling from, but all in good time. Later!


One thought on “Policenauts English Patch is Out!

  1. This is rad… and I had been playing this on my PSP… but do you know what would have been even more rad? The Saturn version… doh!

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