Finally, Das New Game Room!

I just finished putting up the last poster minutes ago. The game room is finally done. If you are not a regular reader here, than I will elaborate. In late August my wife and I took possession of our newly purchased house. I was able to secure a quaint little bedroom basement for my video game collection, mainly because my wife is fucking awesome. Here is a picture of the room as it looked in late August, after half (only half!) of the boxes were squeezed in:


I knew I had lopt of work ahead of me, so I kind of put it off for a couple weeks, but with the date of my monthly retro video game party looming (and the first one in the new pad) the time had come to get my shit together. My I present the new game room:


I am pretty sure that I have it organized more of less the way I want it. Of course, there is a bit of fine tuning to be done, but I think I have a pretty good base. I laid the room out into gaming stations, for lack of a better word. Below are close ups of the general game playing station and my Commodore 64 hutch:


To the left of that I have a small shelf that currently houses my PS2 games and CIB Gameboy/GBA/GB Color games. Right next to that, on the same wall, are my SNES (Jr.!, but more about that later this week) station and my Commodore Amiga desk:


The back wall of the room is mostly just shelves of games. I have some milk crates stacked in the corner that are full of power bars, cords, cables and various hook-ups:


To the right of the general game playing area/C64 hutch is a closet space. I just removed the doors and crammed the bitch of sweet, sweet retro gaming fantastic:


Moving back from the closet, you can see a wall jutting out. This wall is meant to enclose the closet area. The wall (seen in pic below, behind the white shelf full of Genesis games) was added (poorly, might I add) as an after thought and I am considered taking it right out so I can put a much more hospitable couch in the game room, but that is mos def on the “future projects” list.


So there you have it; the new temple of doom. I haven’t had much time to actually play any video games in the fucking thing yet, but I am very excited to get on it. I am working on a retro video game-centric DVD review for Friday, and I will definately have a couple updates between now and then, so check back soon. Later.


3 thoughts on “Finally, Das New Game Room!

  1. Love plants vs zoimbes played it about 4 times through on my computer, had it on my old iphone and played it twice through and i brought it on my android now, and i\’m half way through. I love that it\’s a game you can play through more than once and not get bored of it.

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