Finds: Retro PC Edition

Vintage PC gaming is something that I have become interested in over the past year or so, and I have slowly been adding titles to my collection that interest me. Unfortunately, being an ardent Mac user I don’t really have the ability to pop these games into my machine and play them. I am a big fan of DOSBox, but as far as the Windows 98 area CD-rom games go I am kind of hooped. None the less, they are still a blast to collect and I do have a Windows XP based machine laying around that needs a bit of work, but that is on my very robust to-do list.

Anyway, I have aquired mostly all of these games through local online classified sites for next to nothing, and the rest I got for dirt cheap on Ebay by following my strict “never buy-it-now” policy, because why would I buy-it-now if I can bid on it and pay 40% less?

Anyway, let the games begin- err, game photos begin… whatever, here they are:


If you have never played The Secret of Monkey Island than you need to download ScummVM right now and find the rom for one of the many versions of this game. I prefer the original DOS 3.5″ version, which I ordered from Australia (via Ebay) for a paltry $8. Criminal!


Beneath a Steel Sky is without a doubt one of the finest Cyberpunk adventure games ever made. The game is seeing a re-mastered release on the iPhone in late 2009. One has to ask himself if Revolution Studios is testing the water for a sequel… only time will tell. The original big box version of the game features a supplementary comic book which provides some back story on the games main character. The art was done by artist Dave Gibbons who is best known for working on the Watchmen book with Alan Moore. So basically this game just kicks complete and total ass.


By all accounts, Grim Fandango was the last great adventure game. Although universally worshipped by critics, the games poor sales lead directly to LucasArts shutting down their adventure games division and effectively killed the genre. But what a way to go out. BioShock is hailed as a creative masterpiece but it owes some props Grim Fandango and the games brilliant use of art deco architecture and design. Again, this game is not to be missed by anyone who is an adventure game enthusiast.


The Blade Runner game you’ve probably never played. The game is, once again, a point and click style adventure game (do you see a trend developing in my retro PC gaming tastes?) whose sorry and in game events parallel that of Ridely Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece. The only way this game could have been any cooler would be if you could play as Rick Deckard. Man, am I a nerd.

The last of the original Monkey Island games and by far my least favorite, but a great game none the less. Sure beats the shit out of the ten thousand Star Wars related racing games LucasArts churned out after it shut done it’s adventure game division… but I digress.

Anyway, go download ScummVm right now. You can get it for both Mac and Windows. Right from the projects main site you can downloads section and get a freeware ScummVM compatible version of Beneath a Steel Sky. Did I mention that this was all free??? What the fuck are you waiting for!??!


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