Review: Famicom Dojo Season 1 DVD


Released by:, 4 color rebellion
Release Date: September, 2009
Price: $15.95
Order from:

Number of Discs: 1

Special Features: Wii Day Launch Special, Tokyo Game Show 2007 Special, website promos, convention tour 2008 special, bloopers, out takes, and alternate takes, DVD rom content, and more.

In a sea of angry gamers yelling and bitching about the same rogue’s galley of awful video games, and bandwagon paratroopers who generously hand out free blow-jobs to established cult favorites, it’s nice to see an internet video game show that actually strives to teach the retro gaming public something that it may not already know.

Can I plug a Famicom into a North American outlet? Why do some early Nintendo games have passwords while others have a save feature? What is a Family Computer? 

Famicom Dojo sets out to answer these questions and much more. The 6 short episodes that comprise the first season clock in at around 45 minutes total. Each episode is themed around discussing an aspect of Nintendo-centric 8-bit import gaming, and in the process answers many of the questions that an import-curious retro gamer may have. Granted, some resilient googling could net you the same answers but it’s nice to have them all put together in a one show.  

The show is presented mainly by host Sean Orange, who serves as your guide through the various skits and segments that make up each episode. At times the humor can tread into cheese territory, but fear not as the overly goofball antics are few and far between and there is some geniuinly funny stuff mixed in with the the information. 

Along with host Sean Orange, the show is co-helmed by Vinnk and both act as your buoy in the sea of the Famicom, Famicom Disk System and Twin Famicom. It’s evident that these two obviously have a deep seeded love for import retro gaming and it shows in the sincerity and care with which they handle the subject matter.

Another interesting dynamic unique to Famicom Dojo, is that the show often provides both the Western and Japanese perspectives on retro gaming, thanks to the show being put together from opposite sides of the Pacific.

If you are the least bit interested in the Famicom and retro import gaming in general, this series is a must own. Bonus features include an excellent extended episode discussing the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, a video diary of waiting on line during the Wii’s North American launch, as well as some promotion spots and episode commentaries.

I for one am very excited to see what Sean and Vinnk have in store for season 2, which a recent youtube video reveals is currently in production.



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