Killer Genesis Finds!

Over the past couple weeks I have made some awesome Genesis finds in the wild. My three proudest conquests are listed below. These close some holes in my Genesis collection that I have been itching to fill for a while now. I must say that my Genesis collection is getting quite impressive. It’s not the largest, mainly because I avoid mediocre games where possible, but i don have a lot of high quality (and high value) games. Here are three more:

I don’t care WHAT those clowns at screw attack say, this game is pretty awesome. Sure it doesn’t have as many stage as the SNES and the music is, well, Genesis music, but neither console version is even close to touching the arcade game anyway. That being said, this is one of the best beat ’em ups on the Genesis and is fantastic in it’s own right. I picked this one up from a classified ad for $15, complete.

The only good Ghostbuster’s game made in the 90’s, this Genesis exclusive SD styled platformer is the Ghostbusters game that everyone should have played. Accurate character portrayal, good music, challenging levels. This is a must own for any platforming aficionado, or fan of decent licensed games. I picked this up in a trade, which included some PS1 games and my loose copy of Ghostbusters. What can I say? I am a sucker for owning my favorite games complete.

Now this one is pretty cool. I got this for $7.95 at a local used item store. I knew that Aerobiz was a pretty collectable game, so I picked this one up with out examining it to closely. Aerobiz is a SNES/Genesis game in which you are in control of managing an airline. It’s basically SimCity for the air travel industry. Back at my house, while I was cleaning the cart’s connectors, I noticed the subtitle “super sonic” on the box/cart. I did some research and discovered that I had indeed found the sequel to Aerobiz, entitled Aerobiz Super Sonic. From what I have read, this game is supposed to be even rarer and more valueable than the first game. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but it’s a welcome addition to my Genesis collection.

I will be posting more next week, I am just coming out of a nasty chest infection / head cold that had pretty much kept me in a zombie-like state of dayquil and vapour rub for the last two weeks.


2 thoughts on “Killer Genesis Finds!

  1. Ghostbusters on the Genesis… one of my favorite games of all time… Arguably the best Ghostbusters game ever in my opinion.

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