Finds! Master System!

I found this glorious little find in a used game store. A complete, minty fresh Master System. One of the controllers was even still in the plastic, along with all the paper work and manuals. I had an Master System, but I traded it in a while back for something else, mainly because I also have a CIB Power Base Convertor. The Power Base Convertor is (one of the many) cartridge slot attachments for the Sega Genesis that allows you to play Master System games on your Genesis.

So I jumped on the chance to own a complete Master System. The best part? Only $30! A stack of worthless (to me, anyway) PS1 games later and I got this for nothing on trade. Awesome.

I personally feel that the Master System is grossly underrated. I would buy one just for Golden Axe Warrior, Shinobi, Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, and Phantasy Star. It’s a shame the console wasn’t more successful, as the library of games is sadly lacking.

If you are fan of 8-bit gaming, the Master System is worth hunting down. You can usually find them dirt cheap and the games rarely go for more than 10 or 15 bones. And even if you can’t find any games right away, the console comes with Safari Hunt and Hang-On built right into the system- just turn it one with no cartridge inserted and go nuts.


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