Finds! Extra Large Edition

Long time, no update! Things have been really crazy around here, and video games have kind of fallen by the way side. I have been getting some good deals and finding some treasure buried in the sea of crap. Here are some of those treasures:

Star Wars for the Famicom, not to be confused with the JVC game for the NES, is a Star Wars game developed exclusively for the Japanese market… and is one of the strangest licensed games ever made. It basically pisses all over the story and mythos of the Star Wars universe. Darth Vader the final boss on the first level, during which he turns into a giant scorpion? Check. Luke Skywalker starting off on Tantooine with a light saber? Check. This game is just… weird. it’s also really good and incredibly challenging. Plus it come in a clam shell case with metallic printing and the cart has a blue mirror finish, so it’s all awesome.

The first of six pretty rad Genesis finds I have acquired over the past couple months. The first is Separation Anxiety, which is a brutally hard beat ’em up where-in Spider Man and Venom are both playable. The game really uses the Spider Man license to full effect by incorporating many Spidey-centric tweaks into the standard beat ’em up formula. You can use your web as a shield, to grab bad guys, and to swing around the screen. You can also climb the on the background to collect power ups. Really cool. But, play with a friend on the co-op mode because the game is pretty unforgiving, and finding all the hidden extra lives and hearts in a must.

Next is Cool Spot, which unlike the NES version is actually a really fun, albeit simplistic platformer. Not much to say about it really, other than I spent $2 at a thrift shop and really enjoyed playing through the game.

I had no idea that they even made a sequel to Blaster Master, which is one of my favorite NES games. Blaster Master 2 is more of the same, and it’s seriously not as bad as some of the internet would have you believe. If you like the original, than there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t like this quirky little follow up.

What can you can say about World of Lllusion?. Like 95% of all Disney games in the 8 and 16 bit eras, it pretty damn good. Much like all the Mickey Mouse games of the same family, World of Illusion is an amazing, slightly slow moving platformer, It also holds a decent amount of challenge for a game that was made for 10 year olds. Remember when kid’s games weren’t all dumbed down and completely retarded?

Forgotten Worlds is a weird horizontal scrolling shooter that can be really fun once you get past the awkward controls. The learning curve for the controls is definitely a little steep, and involves having to master avoiding obstacles and rotating you character at the same time in order to kill the enemies which come at you from every direction. It’s okay game, but I would much rather hunt down an arcade that has the original coin-op version.

Three Gameboy finds I am really excited about. First off, there’s Deja Vu 1 & 2, which is two complete games on one cart. The first is a version of the NES game with an updated HUD and interface, and the second game is a port of the PC only sequel. Head over to and check out John D.’s stellar retrospective on the NES port of  Deja Vu.

I have always wanted a copy of Duck Tales for GB, and as luck would have it, I found this copy for $4 a a local used game store. Although not nearly as good as the NES version, it’s still on the best platformers you can get for the original Gameboy.

Lastly, Crystalis is an “improved” port of the underrated NES action-RPG classic. I put improved in quotes because I have heard that many of the improvements really ruin the game, and I have not personally played the Gameboy version yet, probably because I have such fond memories of the original and don;t want them ruined. By the way, have you played Crystalis for the Nintendo Entertainment System yet? No? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Rumors of a sequel to Beyond Good and Evil crop up every couple months for good reason; it’s an incredible game. One of the best purchases you can make if you have a Gamecube, of PS2, or XBox, for that matter. Definitely one of my desert island games, and I have been looking for the Gamecube version for a LONG time now.

Expect more in the lead up to Christmas, like my annual Fami Fami Christmas post, and then make sure to check back on Dec.29th for the Year in Review entry. Later!


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