Thrift Store Finds!

I got a pretty nice haul from a thrift store yesterday. The best part? The total came to under $15. The prize pig of the whole deal was the Final Fantasy 11 for PS2 with the guide for $1.99. Viva la Value Village!

Upon assimilating this into my collection I realized that I own all the english main series Final Fantasy strategy guides, with the exception of part 9. I will never, ever play any MMO, even if it’s Final Fantasy related, but it’s still nice to have this embarrassment to the Final Fantasy franchise in my collection for completist purposes.

Two Genesis games that I have never seen in the wild before, so I had to pick them up… and for $3.99 each, how could I pass it up? I am pretty sure I watched a review of Cyborg Justice on Classic Game Room a long time ago, and I think I remember it getting a less then glowing response, but I thought I would grab it anyway. The Dungeons and Dragons game in CIB and minty fresh, and I am always looking for an old school RPG I can play for an hour and then lose interest in.

The is a CIB Perfect Dark for the Gameboy Color. It’s in pretty great condition, considering I found it in a plastic bag hanging on a hook in a junk shop. I am a huge fan of the original Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64, and even though I have never played the Gameboy Color version, I couldn’t pass up this deal. The really cool thing about this game, is that the cart requires a battery, which in turn activates a rumbles feature in the game. I am very curious to see how this effect is used in-game, and I hope to have some time to give this game a whirl this weekend.

Keep checking back pre-Christmas for a couple more posts that I have in the pipe. Until then…


2 thoughts on “Thrift Store Finds!

  1. There’s a reason why you don’t have a FF9 guide…it doesn’t exist! I remember reading about how Square packaged an online guide with a new service when you ordered FF9. Anyways, gotta stop reading your site for now, I’m getting quite jealous!

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