Famicom Pirate Monday #2

This week I am taking a look at a little pirate I bought about a year and half ago. One unique thing about this cart, that sets it apart from most of my other Famicom pirates, is the fact that this cart was new when I bought it.

The label gives the name Super Game 4 in 1, and it has a pretty good selection of games. Most notable of the four on the cart is a game entitled “12 Hero Fighter”, which you may have guessed by the title screen artwork, is a full on 8-bit conversion of Street Fighter 2. The game contains all the selectable characters from the original World Warrior SF 2 arcade machine, and all of the stages. Of course the game is brutally unforgiving, and the CPU player always starts as Ryu and does nothing but Hadoukens. The game is not, however, completely broken, as it’s a blast to play against a friend in two-player versus mode.

It’s a pretty neat game to have, despite it’s inherent flaws.

Also on the cart are three other games; Super Contra 24, which is a really cool hack of the Super C we all know and love. After you start the game you are presented with a large menu giving you tons of game play options, such as starting with any gun, stage select, infinite lives, infinite energy, etc. It’s like having a built in game genie.

Unfortunately, the options aren’t very clear and it takes some trial and error to figure out what all the options do, but it’s a really unique hack.

The cart also includes an entirely unchanged rom of the Japanese Famicom version of Double Dragon 2, and “Ninja Ryuken”, which is the Japanese Famicom version of Ninja Gaiden 2.

All and all, it’s a pretty solid multicart with three excellent NES games plus the 8-bit Street Fighter 2 which is a bonus if purely for novelty sake.

As I mentioned before, the game is a Chinese made pirate, which I purchased from an Ebay store based in China that dealt in some black market Chinese games. The game was in plastic (no box or additional papers where included, unfortunately), and the contacts where brand-new and shiny beautiful. Also of note; the game cart itself is ridiculously light. It feels like there is no board in the casing at all.

I am pretty happy with this cart, not to mention the fact that I paid about $12 total from Hong Kong.


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