Final Finds of 2009

Yesterday I went into Replay Games to pick up something Jason has had on hold for me for months now. A while back he got in a whole lot of Famicoms and Disk Systems, and one combo was housed in a Hudson Soft System Rack. I have wanted one of these for a while now, but they don’t come up very often on any auction sites and when they do they are usually brand new and unopened (ie ridiculously expensive). To find one in the wild was something that I never thought possible, but I should know by now that anything is possible.

There it is all filled with gooey Famicom goodness.

The only real downside to the System Rack is its an absolute bastard to get it apart once it has been clipped together. I can attest to this, as I brought a working Famicom and Disk System into Replay when they got their Famicom lot so they could test the various components with proven hardware, and myself and Replay’s second in command, JP, tried until our fingers were numb to get this thing apart. We tried a second time a few days later and with the aid of a screwdriver and all four of our hands we were finally able to free the Fami and FDS from it’s clutches.

There is no other rack or harness available for the Famicom / Disk System that I know of, so it’s pretty interesting that Hudson Soft released this item. Hudson Soft was Nintendo’s first ever licensed third party developer back in the Famicom era, and were responsible for such titles as the Adventure Island series, Lode Runner and Bomberman, to name a few. They went on to develop their own system with NEC which was released as the PC Engine, but on these shores we would mostly ignore it as the Turbo Grafx 16.

While in Replay yesterday, I had some cash left on my gift certificate so I picked myself up a CIB Golden Sun for the GBA. I had this game when it was brand new and I really, really liked it. I had long ago traded away (don’t you hate that?) my original CIB and have had just a loose cart for a couple years now. I have been passively hunting for this in the wild, so i thought I’d better pick it up, because I rarely see it complete in my rounds. Not bad, this and the FDS System Rack for $40.

I picked this up at a different local used-goods store for $2.95. It’s missing the manual, but I distinctly remember renting this for my tenth of eleventh birthday party from the since dearly departed Video City. I never played it beyond those 2 of 3 days, but I remember really liking the game. I can tell you know, having refreshed my memory that it is indeed a pretty decent platforming adventure game, but it is overly difficult, in my opinion.

In the same trip at the same shop, I picked up a loose copy for Toe Jam and Earl Panic on Funkotron, aslo for only $2.95. Which is a steal, because loose carts routinely sell in the $15 0 $25 dollar range on Ebay. I am not a huge fan of the series, but i couldn’t pass it up.

Well, that’s it for me this year. Have a happy new year and see you in the tens!


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