Famicom Pirate Monday #3

This week I will be looking at something that is pretty common in the world of Famicom pirates, which is the licensed game knock-off.

What I have here is a cheap looking plastic cart with a low quality label announcing ROBOCOP, but mysteriously void of any copyright information and logos. It’s pretty easy to determine that it’s a pirate. But what could contained on the board inside the cart casing? Often times  pirates are mislabeled, so unless you test it out or get screen shots before you buy it, you really could be getting anything.

But no, this is the same mediocre Robocop game that we got over here for our Nintendo Entertainment System. The ROM has been altered to include a stage select feature, which you can see at the top center of the screen. This is pretty cool, mainly because I have never taken the time to chomp through the tediousness of Robocop, and I do like seeing the last levels of games, for some reason. Another interesting thing to note is that the pirates didn’t even have the decency to take out the copyright info or remove the name of the game from the title screen, which more caring pirates often do. It always makes me laugh when I see a pirate game with the game’s title removed from the start screen. Does that really null the illegality of stealing an entire game? “Maybe if we just remove the name from the title screen no one will notice!”

I have a couple interesting finds to post later this week, so keep checking back.


One thought on “Famicom Pirate Monday #3

  1. Great find! It’s always fun to see what hacks pirates make to games. I was recently given the Famicom version and I managed to finish it, which was nice since I was rubbish at it when I had the PAL version 18 years ago!

    Oddly enough the Japanese version replaces the gyrocopters with helicopters and the walls you can punch don’t flash green.

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