Famicom Pirate Monday #4

Yes, yes. I know that it is Wednesday. I started taking some night classes this week (Statistics for Economics- arrggghh) so I am a bit late. It won’t happen again I swear! To make up for it, on this edition of Famicom Pirate Monday I am showcasing one of my raddest Famicom pirates; a complete in box copy of Final Fantasy X-2.

Yes, those crazy Chinese programmers have done it again. A complete original RPG based on a franchise that has not seen official 8-bit glory for nearly two decades. I had to have this gem, me being a vocal supporter of the greatness of Square’s more technically sound original Final Fantasy X-2 for the PS2 and also because I am a pirate nut.

The game itself is actually pretty decent, even though I have no idea what anyone is saying. Part of the introduction “cut scene” takes place on an airship, and there is a character who looks a lot like Brother, so I am guessing that it follows the same story, if even in the vaguest sense.

The graphics have been drastically improved over that of the infamous Final Fantasy 7 Chinese pirate, and the game also plays much better. That being said, in the two hours I have spent feeling my way around the world of 8-bit Spira I have concluded that the game is HARD AS HELL. The battles are long and the enemies quite powerful, but there is more balance because you do start the game with a wide array of healing and attack magic.  You can, through a series of events I completely stumbled upon, add a fifth member to your party that is present in battle. One flaw I have found is this weird glitch where the curser darts around the menu during battles occasionally, but I got so used to it I didn’t even notice it after about 20 minutes.

I have no idea who created this treasure. Waixing Science and Technology would be a usual suspect, seen as how they are responsible for numerous Chinese original Famicom games, however the cart and packaging are void of there logo, name and characteristic design flourishes. The packaging is very little help, however I was able to uncover the production date, mainly because “2009” is about the only non-Chinese text on the back of the box. Also, check out this character who makes a cameo in the instruction manual:

Yes sir, that’s none other than Lightning from the upcoming Final Fantasy 13. Silly pirates, you’ve done got your video game girls all mixed up… but that’s okay, I forgive you.


9 thoughts on “Famicom Pirate Monday #4

  1. They are pretty hard to come by. I buy them off of people on forums (famicom world, racket boy etc.). They occasionally go up for sale on Ebay but go for enormous prices.

  2. Would you happen to have a clearer shot of the cartridge? The line beginning with 深圳市 seems to be the name of the company, but it’s so tiny that I can’t make out [i]what[/i] company in Shenzhen made it…

  3. …and that’s what happens when I post a comment on a blog after posting on a BBCode forum. Heh. :)

    Anyway, to add to the previous comment, the manufacturer does not appear to be Shenzhen Nanjing; I can’t tell what the characters are, but I can tell they’re not the ones in Nanjing’s name.

  4. Maybe you won this off of eBay from me? :p I sold my copy since I couldn’t afford to keep it, cost too much and took way too long to get to me, needed the money by the time I finally had it :/

    Anyways, this game is a port of FF4 from SNES. This is the 2nd cartidge. There’s 3 altogether. Maybe you got it from Trenton on FCWorld. He’s been selling the games as ports of Final Fantasy X and X2, and X3 is just a new one they made up or something. Of course, he was completely off and woulda known if he bothered helping me. I kept asking him for screenshots of closer looks at the manual and he never bothered helping out. Had to buy it myself(mind you, from someone else who actually cared to take time out for a potential customer) in order to get to the bottom of it. -_-

    It’s a much better effort than SNT’s port of FF4, only sucks that they had to split it across three cartridges. I only own FFX1, the other two are hard to get, which is why I really regret selling the one I had. I’m at least relieved to see I wasn’t alone with that cursor darting all over the place, thought my copy was glitched or something. Very annoying! :P

  5. How do you save in the game? Everytime I turn off the system I have to start from the beginning.

  6. I’ve completed the 1st part of this backport, but without using any secondary attacks. BTW, the characters joining my party at level 10 (!!) annoyed me a bit.

  7. UPDATE: Bad news, Pokemon Diamond (by the same company) is also split into THREE parts.

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