Awesome SNES Finds Plus!

I haven’t posted any finds in a while, so here are some recent acquisitions. Of note, are three Super Nintendo games that I have wanted to play to a while now.

The first of which is the sequel to one of the greatest and most horribly under-appreciated platformers of the 16 bit era, Rocket Knight Adventures. The game I am talking about, of course, is Sparkster. This copy’s label is pretty haggard, but I paid $6 for this a local thrift store so I am not complaining. Although not as good as Rocket Knight Adventures, Sparkster is a pretty damn great game.

This one just came in the mail yesterday. It was a Christmas gift from my brother. Radical Dreamers was released episodically for the Japanese Super Famicom add-on the Satellaview, which was a device that was able to connect to a satellite at certain times of day in order to download content which could then be saved onto special cartidges fitted with memory card-like storage devices. Nintendo released many games that have never seen life in any other form, including a 16-bit remake of The Legend of Zelda and a follow up to F-Zero. Third party publishers also released content including Hudson Soft and Square. Square’s most famous Satellaview release was Radical Dreamers. Radical Dreamers is a digital novel / text adventure that serves as a follow-up to the beloved Square masterpiece Chrono Trigger. Interestingly, Square’s grossly underrated PS1 follow-up, Chrono Cross is basically a hyper-enhanced remake of Radical Dreamers. The cart I have is a reproduction cart, and for $40 you can get one for yourself from Highly recommended if you are a fan of the two Square Chrono games.

Now here is a game that I have been wanting for a LONG time. I could never bring myself to paying $65+ dollars for a copy on Ebay, but when a copy came into Re-Play Games, i gathered up some stuff for trade and made her mine. Basically, E.V.O.: The Search for Eden is a bizarre action RPG published by Enix in which you start as a fish in 400 million B.C. and your goal is to evolve into a human so you can enter a paradise called Eden. You are guided by a female representation of Earth named Gia. The game is really strange, and really excellent from what I have played so far. Recommended if you are looking for something different as far as 16-bit RPGs go.

I picked this odd specimen up at a local used game shop for $1.95, mainly because I don’t own a copy of the second Mega Man game for the Game Boy. I do, however own Rock Man World 2, which is the Japanese version of the exact same game. What’s weird about this cart is that even though the game’s menus are completely in English (just like the Japanese version), it is in fact the Chinese version of the game, as evidenced by the Chinese title and the “made in china” marking on the label. What’s even weirder is that I CAN’T SEEM TO FIND A REGULAR OLD NORTH AMERICAN VERSION OF THIS GAME!

Lastly, I picked this up off of Ebay for $8. It is unlicensed and homemade, but that does not stop this shirt from ruling completely. I have been slowly building up my collection of video game t-shirts, and this FDS shirt is most definitely one of my favorites.


3 thoughts on “Awesome SNES Finds Plus!

  1. I was wondering if you’d be interested in buying Game Boy games I had put up on Craigslist:

    Most of them are Japanese imports, but a few are American versions. By the way, thanks for putting up a Chinese version of Megaman here. One person asked me if what I had were Chinese and at first, I didn’t even know China made Game Boy games!

  2. Man I always feel bummed out when I see carts with ripped labels… I have a Blackthorne GBA game with a torn corner and a Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons (forget which one…) with a ripped off label that I desperately want to replace… ugh.

  3. Since there is no longer a NFLPA (union) they will corcnatt with a few stars and 90% of the players will be nameless and numberless. I’ve heard because of this they may not have a 2012 version.

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