Epic Commodore Haul!

This epic haul is thanks to my good friend and fellow chapel hillian Ted. His parents gave him a call a couple weeks back and asked him if he had any interest in the families old computer stuff they had in the basement. If Ted didn’t want it, they were going to throw it away. Ted did not want it, but he knew someone that would… ME!

A few days later he showed up at my place with three enormous boxes filled to the brim with sweet, sweet, Commodore awesomeness. The Commodore 64 stuff he gave me i mostly owned already, but when it comes to vintage computing, you can never have enough working back-ups. What I really needed, however, were the hundreds of games that were stuffed in the musty old boxes. Many of them, are in fact not copies;

I also didn’t have a complete set of Commodore 64 manuals. Thanks to Ted now I do.

You may notice that there are Commodore Vic20 manuals present as well. That’s because I know have a minty fresh Vic20. The Vic20 is, of course, the predecessor to the Commodore 64 and was one of the most successful personal computers of all time. And believe me, this thing is in amazing condition. A couple wipes with some windex and she looks brand new.

Luckily, the haul included a whole bunch of Vic20 carts. They very in quality from educational (aka awful) to decently enjoyable.

By far the coolest part of the Vic20 shwag is Commodore Data Recorder. The Data Recorder is a tape deck that hooks up to the Vic20 and uses standard audi cassettes to record data and programs made on your computer. I am now in possession of a huge library of cassette games and programs. I haven’t tried out the Data Recorder yet, but as with most everything in this lot, a little wipe with a cloth and it came out looking brand new.

Not pictured in detail, but visible in the top photo are a Commodore monitor (my 5th, third of this model) which are the ultimate display for playing 8 and 16-bits games, another C64 disc drive, hundreds of C64 floppies, a Commodore 64 unit, a couple boxed C64 games, and a whack of joysticks.

I have been playing Commodore 64 pretty much non-stop between work, night classes, and family time as I am pretty stoked on vintage computing right now, which explains the lack of a Famicom Pirate Monday this week. Never fear, because I will have a really cool pirate to post after the weekend. See you then!


One thought on “Epic Commodore Haul!

  1. aaahh you bastard I am jealous… equipment in nice condition…!!! : D

    your datasette looks like the version that was marketted with the Commodore 16, not the commodore vic-20…

    I have rescued many floppies but quite a few are in very bad condition (Mildew, people store them baddly). it seems also that original disks are worse than copies because it looks like game manufacturers would use really cheap quality disks. From the hundres and hundreds of disks i’ve hauled… bootleg copies always survived better than originals.

    I Have alot of commodore stuff but have had increadible lots (pristine condition stuff) pass under my nose locally… because I lack space (time to buy a darn house)!!!

    PS: google the “denial vic-20” if you are searching for a community of vic-20 nuts. many games and programmes released each year for the vic-20.

    Retro-computing forever! the older the better!

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